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How to find Playgrounds and Play Parks anywhere in the world!

How to find Playgrounds and Play Parks anywhere in the world!

If you’ve ever tried to search on Google maps for play parks you’ll know that larger parks are sometimes listed, but smaller ones don’t appear. And of course even when you see ‘park’ it doesn’t always mean play area (unless you’re a toddler – never utter the p word unless you mean it) so when a park appears you never know what, if any, play equipment there will be. Very frustrating!

Here's where the Playground Buddy app comes in! Playground Buddy uses a different map source data set to pull in locations of play parks. Not just in the UK but all over the world! I first heard about this a few years ago from Daisy @FiveMinuteMum (I think?) and I honestly use it so much! It has been an absolute god send so many times and it’s so easy to use as well.

After downloading from the app store, just literally open the app, click on ‘find playgrounds near me’ to search near your current location or you can ‘advanced search’ for any location or by facilities.

So if you’ve just moved, want to find a hidden gem in your local area, maybe you’re going away or want to make a stop on the way somewhere, playground buddy is such a great app to have in your parenting arsenal!

For more details on each park it relies on people adding in the information and photos on facilities such as equipment, toilets, café and shade etc. I’m going to try to make an effort to remember to add any information I can locally and hopefully you guys can do the same to help other families and visitors to our city. You can also get directions to any park you've found, and also share locations with others - even if they don't have the app. I really love that this app works all over the world - here we are having fun on the swings on a trip to Prague in 2019!

Please share if you think others would find this useful and give us a follow on social media for more tips for heading Off Out!

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